Tile Care Products

We have a range of tile care products to keep your tiled flooring and walls in great shape! From tile and grout cleaners, to tile polish and sealers, you can find the product for the job. We even have grout colourant in a range of tones so you can complete the look and keep your bathroom design looking flawless.


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The Best Tile Cleaning Products for Your Home

Our tile cleaners are the best on the market, allowing you to keep your tiled areas in great condition. Tiles need special care as they are susceptible to soap scum and grime build-up, especially in wet areas. Keeping the right cleaning products on hand means you can maintain your tiles and reduce the need to re-grout or get professional tile cleaners in.
We stock Aqua Mix tile and stone care products, which are non-acidic and won’t cause damage to your surfaces. Aqua Mix has a range of products suitable for daily cleaning. The Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner prevents soap build-up and hard water deposits when used regularly, while also leaving the room smelling fresh and clean. The Aqua Mix Stone Clean & Shine is a spray and buff cleaner that will leave your surfaces with a sparkling shine with regular use.
It’s a good idea to give your tiles a deep clean every now and then to keep them looking good as new. To get the job done we recommend the Aqua Mix 1 & 2 Deep Clean—a concentrated, highly alkaline deep cleaner to remove ground-in dirt and scum. This product is ideal for neglected areas that need a thorough clean and for use in commercial spaces.
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