DAVCO Installation Products 

When starting on a new tiling project for your floors or walls, making sure you are using the most durable adhesives and primers is important. While picking the right tile is key, it is equally important to make sure the tiles are installed with suitable bonding and sealing. Here at Tilemax, we stock an extensive range of DAVCO products to suit your needs.
Tilemax is here to help if you require:

  • Primers
  • Adhesives
  • Grouts & Sealants
  • Waterproofing products





DAVCO Products have been formulated to perform to the highest standards. Manufacturing and developing across a broad range of tile-based products gives DAVCO the full picture of what it takes to get a tiling job done right.


We stock primers that will increase the bond of your adhesives, increasing their durability and waterproofing capability. Primers suitable for interior and exterior work are available with quality being the defining feature.


DAVCO tile adhesives will provide the strength and consistency required to get your project done. These adhesives are suitable across a range of applications and tile types but will always give you a bond you can count on.

Grouts & Sealants

These high-quality grouts and sealants are designed to be mould and bacteria-resistant to give you superior performance and consistency. If you need a sanitary grade sealant for your job, we can help.

Waterproofing products 

Need to keep moisture out? Then use DAVCO’s range of waterproofing membrane adhesives, capable of keeping your surfaces moisture resistant in a variety of applications. If you have an area that is susceptible to ponding, then these products are available to help with your waterproofing requirements.