Tile Safe Shower System

 Showerwell's unique, leak-free, tile-over-shower system

At Showerwell, we are dedicated to the ongoing process of product design and development to provide a high-quality tiled shower system.

To achieve this, we constantly re-evaluate our products and implement design refinements utilising the most up-to-date technology and materials available. The Showerwell Tile Safe Shower System – now in its 5th generation – demonstrates the technical and design ingenuity that has made Showerwell a market leader.

Showerwell Peace of Mind

With almost 30 years in the bathroom industry, Showerwell’s tileable shower system has been continually upgraded to overcome all endemic issues found with other systems. What’s more, Showerwell offer a 5-year warranty – with our experience and track record, you can relax knowing that the company will still be around to honour that warranty, or to offer advice, should help be required in the future.