Tile Safe Shower System

 Showerwell's unique, leak-free, tile-over-shower system

The Showerwell Tile Safe System is a robust, durable, tile over shower system, developed to look great and now fully BRANZ Appraised for peace of mind.

Imagine an acrylic shower, one of the most reliable shower systems, sealed and installed behind great looking tiles to provide double peace of mind. The Showerwell Tile Safe Shower System demonstrates the technical and design ingenuity that has made Showerwell a market leader in the field. Showerwell can now supply the full Tile Safe Shower system, complete with adhesives, grouts, tiles and installation*. No waterproof membranes are used on site and warranties up to 15 years apply.

* Shower system only. Tiles installed by your tiler.

Showerwell Peace of Mind

With almost 30 years in the bathroom industry, Showerwell designed the Tile Safe Shower system to overcome all endemic issues found with other tiled shower systems. Continual improvement is part of our culture with a new tile insert easy clean waste the latest example of ingenuity and improved aesthetics. With over 10 years of successful installations, the Tile Safe shower is not just proven, but also fully guaranteed.

The Showerwell Tile Safe System is fully BRANZ Appraised and available in a full range of sizes and multiple door options.