Showerwell's unique, leak-free, tile-over shower system

The Showerwell Tile Safe System is a robust, durable, tile-over shower system, developed to look great and now fully BRANZ Appraised for peace of mind.


For those who desire the water-proofing safety of acrylic showers, but the look of a tiled shower design, Showerwell have designed the Tile Safe Shower System. In the 12 years of Showerwell’s Tile Safe System, not one has experienced any leaks.

With a completely sealed shower system behind your choice of tiles, Showerwell has designed this robust system supported with a 15-year durability guarantee*.

To be installed by trained and authorised Tile Safe installers only.  *Guarantee conditions apply


Showerwell Peace of Mind


With over 35 years in the bathroom industry, Showerwell designed the Tile Safe Shower system to overcome all endemic issues found with other tiled shower systems. Continual improvement is part of our culture with a new tile insert easy clean waste the latest example of ingenuity and improved aesthetics. With over 12 years of successful installations, the Tile Safe shower is not just proven, but also fully guaranteed.

The Showerwell Tile Safe System is fully BRANZ Appraised.



Showerwell’s Tile Safe System utilises the latest technology to produce high-quality, high-performance tile-over shower trays and waste systems. Each Tile Safe tray is designed and manufactured to safely hold water and is tank tested in our factory prior to dispatch.
Tile Safe Showers are available in square, rectangular and a 45° corner option. Custom sizes available.

Standard sizes:
900mm x 900mm
1000mm X 1000mm
1000mm X 1000mm - 45°
1200mm X 900mm
1400mm X 1000mm
1600mm x 1000mm
1800mm x 1000mm
2000mm x 1000mm



Robust Tile Safe shower liners are sealed securely behind the tiles down inside the Tile Safe tray to ensure any moisture making it through the tiles will be directed safely down to the waste.
Showerwell shower doors are also part of the Tile Safe system to ensure a completely sealed and safe shower enclosure to last for many years to come.



Keep your shower tidy and organised with a tile-over shower niche to hold accessories.
A single-piece, recessed niche unit that’s watertight, giving you the Tile Safe peace of mind.



Tile Safe Shower drain covers are reversible, providing the option for a stainless steel plate or insert a tile for a seamless finish. This drain cover is also height adjustable to compensate for various tile thicknesses.

Components not available separately


Complete the system with your choice of Showerwell shower door, tapware & accessories

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