Tips for Laying Max Floor

One of our team has just put down Max Floor in his own home for a great result!

With the experience of doing the work himself fresh in his mind, Darren has put together some laying tips:

“This stuff is great to work with, reasonably easy to lay and looks great when finished. A few instructions that might help I have listed from personal experience in a little more detail. I certainly enjoyed laying my floor and the result looks amazing.

  1. Starting point- a doorway or where the Floor is more prominently seen – have your last cut up against a wall.
  2. Set up your first line cutting out any notches around architrave etc (unless you cut the architrave with a multi tool – this can look tidier) Notches can be cut with a craft knife or a multi tool – even a hack saw if you are desperate, just tidy the edges that will be seen up with fine sand paper.
  3. When laying the next and subsequent lines lock in the short edge first along the entire span.
  4. Have the long edges lined up alongside ready to lift in. When you do this make sure the short edges remain tight.
  5. Move along and at each join lift on the angle into position ensuring that at each join the lines are flush – carry this on the entire span.
  6. From one end kneel on the flat section and place pressure on the new line you will feel it starting to lock in.
  7. Once close to flat on the floor, use a block of flat timber (use a fairly long block to lessen the chance of injury) and a standard hammer to lock into the final position – place the block on the ground and slide the hammer giving the block a good WHACK – harder than you think but be careful not to damage the clipping mechanism.
  8. As it locks in you will feel the Max Floor flatten onto the floor -failure to do this may cause small gaps to appear and even though it is easy to uplift you do not really want to be starting again.
  9. Move your way along each length until it is completely locked in and repeat along the entire span.
  10. If you do have an area where you cannot lock in both edges as above then lock in the long edge and tap the end to lock in the short edge – ensure that it is sitting close to and flush with the adjacent slat before tapping so it does not catch.
  11. Once almost the entire floor has been laid and you are at the wall and cannot get a hammer and block anywhere near the Max Floor to clip it in you will need to measure and cut your Max Floor tight to your spacers and slide it on the angle down the spacers and into position, you will then need a pry bar to lever off the wall to lock the long edge in.

Good Luck I hope this helps and you don’t find out by trial and error like I did.”

– Darren


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