The Tile Safe Shower System

  • The ultimate solution to endemic issues of leaking showers
  • Guaranteed not to leak

Showerwell have invested resources in developing what we believe is the best tile over shower system in the New Zealand market. After 30 years in business, we believe we know what works and what doesn’t. We don’t stand behind purported ‘life time’ warranties, that you need a microscope to read the fine print….we stand behind our products full stop, and we guarantee that they won’t leak.

Since its inception in 2009, the Tile Safe System has become the preferred choice of many of the largest construction companies and Group Housing companies throughout New Zealand. It is specified not only for its function and performance but also for it’s price competitiveness.  Above all, its guaranteed not to leak.

We recommend Mapei Kerapoxy tile adhesive with our Tile Safe Shower system.  Mapei is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of adhesives and grouts, and provides a 10 year guarantee for the performance of their tile adhesive.

Utilising the latest patented technologies to produce a high grade, high performance shower tray, we use a waste system that is integrally bonded to the tray. The waste is bonded to the tray, alleviating any potential leaks in this area. The Tile Safe tray (base), is coupled with high impact specialised wall liners, precise components and installation know how. What you, the home owner gets, is peace of mind, knowing you have purchased a ‘complete tile over shower system’ that is guaranteed to last.

Whether you desire the latest frameless shower doors & screens or a functional aluminium framed shower door and screen, Showerwell have the expertise, and range of shower doors for your consideration. We are New Zealand’s largest supplier of custom-made and standard doors & returns and are confident of your total satisfaction.

Why some builders & plumbers would only use our system…

  • No water leaks into the wall cavity – guaranteed by Showerwell
  • Five year warranty for product and installation, providing it is installed by Showerwell
  • 10 year guarantee by Mapei NZ Ltd for the Kerapoxy Tile Adhesive used.
  • Integral waste drain system, bonded within the tray.
  • Various applications. Surface mount, recessed into the floor, 2nd story applications. In all options, a firm foundation to tile over, ensuring longevity of your shower enclosure.
  • Size options available, from 900mm x 900mm through to 1800mm x 900mm. Or select from the custom made sizes available within this size range
  • The Tile Safe Shower System is a complete system to provide you total peace of mind, with the guarantee for product and installation from the same company. No haggling between manufacturer and installer if there is an issue.
  • Our advice to consumers regarding ‘inflated’ claims of life time warranties offered by others. May we suggest you look at the fine print, as to what the perceived benefits are ! You may actually be surprised with all the limitations and out clauses.